What is Discord Sites?

Discord Sites is a new advertising platform to help users grow their servers. We help servers make their own Websites using one of the many templates we support. It's all done instantly and creatively!


Professional Designs

Since our main objective is to help servers grow with their own website, we chose only the best website designs to make your website look good. You can switch your designs anytime you like.

Amazing code and Staff

Since Discord Sites has had a lot of trouble in the past with data losses, we took a big step forward and changed the whole code making it much more secure now and with better, trustworthy staff.

Discord Sites Bot

We intended to make discord sites amazing and useful from the very begining. Our bot will help you add server-focused details such as most active members, number of members all in your premimum designs.

How to make my website?

Click the button below to login to your dashboard. Once there, click the button to add your website to your account and you're done!